Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ep.30 Columbus the War Criminal

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! In the venerable classic Zombieland, the character Tallahassee (portrayed famously by the genius Woody Harrelson) lives by a code. "You got to enjoy the little things." Shit's Busted! This week we "enjoy the little things" as we celebrate a small milestone, 30 episodes completed, not counting specials or whatever. In honor of the occasion we had a "podcast party" of sorts and invited some friends from the magnanimous r/podcast community to join us. With us this week are Adam Baynard from the 8bit Bourbon podcast and Christopher Postill of the Sounds Like An Earful podcast. These talented individuals gracefully volunteered their time and enriched our show because of it. Do yourself a favor and listen to their shows, they're fantastic. But before you do listen to our DAMN show it's about wrestling, voting, traumatic brain injuries, Asthma, and cockblocking babies.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ep.29 Cord Cutters Unite!

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! Just as certain as the universe's march to it's inevitable heat death in 1E1000 years, so is the eventual decline and obliteration of the often detestable cable companies. Shit's Busted! "How" you ask? Well, you'll have to listen to the show to find out. On the subject of mega corporations insatiable greed, a new study suggest that the U.S. is a Democracy "in name alone" and really answers to the wealthy elite class. In fact these researchers best describe our government as an Oligarchy. I know what you're thinking, "No shit." But we talk about why this research is ground breaking and important. At least we try to talk about it, I'm mostly slurring my way through it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ep.28 R U Dumber than you Look

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! Greetings all! Looks like OP didn't come through with outing a new GOP hypocrite, bummer. Don't worry though the rest of Reddit came through Shit's Busted! and served up some juicy sweet links. Karen stirs up the religious pot & Anti-Vac loons while I talk about Neanderthal rape, Violence in video games, & the joys of a 6 hour workday. Like a fine wine Redditor Radio is best when consumed all at once, by yourself, in the dark.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ep.27 Contested Shoal

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! I suppose an apology is in order regarding the terrible nature of this weeks episode title. By the time we finished recording this weeks Ep it was about 4:30am Shit's Busted! and I was waaaay past three sheets to the wind. I wish I could say that I'm more creative when I'm intoxicated, and up to a point I am, but certainly I reached a level of diminished returns last night when I thought "Contested Shoal" was a creative title. It sounds like a digestive disorder. Regardless, we've got a great show for you this week, Our 12 year war, Fountain of youth, Saudi "terrorists", & Zebra stripes.