Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ep.40 Conservative Lizard Brain

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! After horrifying incidents of civilian tragedies and renewed fighting in long contested religious wars we here at Redditor Radio extend our arms to you and welcome you into our drunken and sometimes accidentally racist bosom. Shit's Busted! Where else could you go to hear stories like, British Secret Agents change outcome of online polls, Former Mrs. America based on "CBH" Cookies Baked per Hour, and the descendants of Confederate soldiers residing in Brazil? "Reddit the website," you say. Well, that's true but does "Reddit the website" have two passive aggressive drunks slurring themselves to an early grave? NO! Only "Reddit the Podcast" has that. You might think you're sexy but will you ever be The Rock in a black turtle neck, fanny pack, silver chain, and flat top sexy?

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