Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ep.49 Human Doughnut

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! Look at us releasing a podcast in time for your workweek. The least you could do is donate to children's hospitals and support me in my gaming marathon. Shit's Busted! So after you do that, make sure yo listen to this weeks show where we discuss, depression, suicide, Kim Jun Un's increasing fatness, lower wages for the middle class, and the billions of microorganisms residing in your body. We're the podcast about reddit, In reddit Veritas!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Extra Life 2014 Gaming Marathon

Watch the video then click the button on the sidebar to donate! Yes, I know the video looks like it was shot with a potato. Calm yourself and watch me play video games for charity.

Ep.48 The Bourne Convolution

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! If last week's episode has taught us anything it's that we have room to grow and learn as a podcast. This week's show is definitely "up-to-snuff" as the recording quality is wayyyyy better. We've got vaccine stories for all of Shit's Busted! you anti-vac weirdos out there, including how the Chinese used to "do lines" of dried up scabs. Oh, those silly innovative Chinese. Ever wonder why black people seem to tip less? Karen and I speculate as to what that answer might be. Lawmakers are trying to protect your right to complain about companies on the internet, tune in to find out how the GOP will fuck it up. All this and more, we're the podcast about reddit, In reddit Veritas.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ep.47 & 47.5 Benzos and the Jets (1year)

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! Whoa! One whole year has passed since this experiment has begun. We have grown as people and we've grown as a show. We lost our beloved friend & show mascot but we've gained loyal listeners and supporters. Unfortunately for you, we haven't given up on this show yet. This next year we plan to do even more including additional programming, video, and extras. Now that you've heard what we're doing for you, we need you to do for us. Go on any social network thing you are a part of and link, like, share, rate, whatever this show so we can get it in the hands of more people. We love to watch the show grow and the less we spend in advertising the more we can spend to upgrade our audio equipment (and you know that shit needs upgrading).

Speaking of which these episodes are an audio apocalypse. Not having all the proper equipment and cobbling together what we had turned out to be as shitty as it sounds. On the plus side we leaned heavily on the clever insight of our special guest Michael Loscalzo creator of Billy the Spacekid and the person responsible for much of the quality artwork seen on the site. As you can imagine this special episode was a bit lengthy so we divvied it up in two unequal parts. We talk about the politics of Citizens United, The Internet Slowdown, How shitty ISIS is, Gay Accents, Penis Homes, & much more. After one year we're still the podcast about reddit. In reddit Veritas!
Shit's Busted!

Shit's Busted!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ep.46 Red Screen of Death

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! Honestly it's not our fault this time! My computer figuratively shit itself. Try as I would, I couldn't save the files on my computer, finally I resorted to the Shit's Busted! "Nuclear Option" FULL FORMAT and REINSTALL. Booooo, luckily for me and you I hadn't transferred this latest episode to the computer. So now on the eve to the eve of our anniversary show Karen shares interesting plot points that I may have missed in popular movies, eating junk food kills you, and eating fruits extends your lifespan. Yeah, I know, NO SHIT! Don't worry though we also talk about lizards making fuck in space. I'm really excited for our next show and hope you'll tune in to find out what exciting shit we have in store for you this year! We're the podcast about reddit, In Reddit Veritas!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ep.45 Womanhood

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! A day late and a dollar short. Due to some "Technical Difficulties" this show is stupid late. The quality is also in the tank so I wouldn't blame you if you wrote us hate mail. Shit's Busted! Honestly though if you haven't already sent us hate mail from all the BS we talk on the show I doubt you will now. If anything me saying, "Reading Fifty Shades turns you into a whore, Poached partners probably partake in pilfering possible partnerships, and daddy issues spark puberty." That alone should invoke some kind of reaction. But until we get told otherwise I'm gonna continue shaking my fist at the sky and declaring, "In reddit Veritas!"