Friday, January 9, 2015

Even WE take a break sometimes...

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! A happy and blessed new year to all our listeners out there in podcast land! Thanks to all the horrible things that happened this past year, there was plenty of fodder for us to verbally feast on, for your listening pleasure of course. As per a recent askreddit thread, one of the most surprising things to happen this year (next to Bill Cosby being diagnosed of Ebola and aiding the Pope in the annexation of Crimea from Cuba), is probably that The Edge of Tomorrow didn't do very well in the box office. So I will definitely show my support to poor Mr. Tom Cruise by finding a really excellent torrent of this overlooked film.

You have probably noticed by now that week's episode is non existent. That's because the Fascist formerly known as Rick Alvarez aka my cohost, decided that we can take a break this week. But fret not thyself because we shall return next week in all our shiny glory, and we'll be ready to face the year of the hoverboard and the release of Jaws 19.

A sincere thank you to our listeners all over the world for giving us a reason to mindlessly talk into our cheap microphones. We truly appreciate your support and we hope you continue to tune in. In Reddit Veritas!

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