Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ep.72 Feminfisting

Shit's Busted! Shitty audio aside the video thing is working out pretty decent like. This week we prove to the world why we can't really be mainstream by casting blame on Shit's Busted! Jewish fundies for the deaths of 6 children in Brooklyn and condemning the British Royal Family as a "Bunch of pedo's". This, and a whole bunch more shit that would piss people off if they ever heard it! We're the show about reddit, In reddit Veritas!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ep.71 Literal Airbus

Shit's Busted! If you ever wondered whether Karen or I were well read enough to appreciate Don Quixote, then you obviously haven't been paying attention. Shit's Busted! We clearly are, and I spend I good amount of time drunkenly talking about a book I've never read. We also bitch about low cost airlines, argue about Tom Cruise, and reminisce on imagined childhood drug abuse. We're the show about reddit, In reddit Veritas!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ep.70 Free Range Redditing

Shit's Busted! With the mostly positive response (I only had a couple of drinks, dad!) to last week's Redditor Video Ladies Night edition, we opted to continue down the path Shit's Busted! to our inevitable YouTube celebrity. This week, Rick sides with the minority about the possibility of having a child with Down Syndrome, I embarrassingly (with pedantry and without condescension) mix up the words "kaiser" and "czar", and of course we discuss the backlash against "free range" parenting because that's a thing now. We're the podcast about reddit, In reddit Veritas!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ep.69 Ladies Night

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! It's here! Redditor Video in all of it's half assed glory. Don't worry it will only get better, I promise. Maybe by the time we record the next episode I'll be sober enough to hit the record button in all the right places. Shit's Busted! This week three lovely, intelligent, and drunk women discuss topics like, Hillary Clinton's Mailghazi, Piles of poop on Mt. Everpoop, and new research shows cigarettes may be harmful to your health. We're the podcast about reddit, In reddit Veritas.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ep.68 Diner Deluge

Shit's Busted! Shit's Busted! It's happening... As we inch closer to the premiere of "Redditor Video" you may hear some hiccups as we deal with the growing pains. For example this week's sound quality Shit's Busted! wasn't the best but I'm working hard everyday to try to make this new space and equipment all gel together. However, the podcast is clear enough to hear Karen shit all over our fans and Die Hard. It's about time you write in and tell her how wrong she is on both. Also I (Rick) unroll the red carpet for our future robot overlords. We're the podcast about reddit, live long and prosper.