Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Dung Fury"

“Am I the only one who thinks this is terrible?” Merely 5 minutes into this 80’s “Action, Comedy, Spoof” I was already looking forward to the reddit comment thread explaining all the ways in which this film didn’t work. To my surprise after a meandering 30 minutes I rushed to my computer to find glowing reviews. “Yes, everything in the 80s was this cool at all times” exclaimed u/WiglyWorm. u/DrunkLover proclaimed, “Sweden aired KUNG FURY on swedish national television, epic!” To my surprise and utter dismay the reddit community and I were at odds. Surely, if I scroll down far enough…

I’m not here to completely write off this Kickstarter ($630k+) backed piece of film. Certainly it has it’s merits, the utmost of which is its CGI, production quality, and editing. The piece provides its CGI staff a very impressive reel to provide to ILM and other CGI houses. It also looks competently shot and edited. I fear almost all of its shortcomings fall on the shoulder of its Writer/Director/Lead Actor David Sandberg.

I speculate that this film was doomed from the moment the script was conceived.The idea is sound, “A love letter to 80’s action films” with emphasis on its more ridiculous tropes. I get it. But the execution is all wrong, the reason people have fond memories of these films is because they had heart and they took themselves seriously enough to be true to the characters and their surroundings. The main character is poorly acted, and you, as an audience member are never invested in the characters or the world they inhabit. There's no through line it's all mindless spectacle. The most apt comparison would be a movie made 20 years from now spouting off old memes found on reddit with no regard to their context or origin. A shallow echo, a mere shadow cast on the wall of time, an interpretation of 80’s films as if it were written by people playing a game of telephone. Whoa, too much. Basically, it’s not funny and it goes from ridiculous to more ridiculous without earning it.

I am doing film criticism a disservice and feel that if you watch ‘Black Dynamite (2009)’ or shit even ‘The Last Action Hero (1993)’ you might understand where I’m coming from. Watch the film and let me know what you thought. #shitTitle #drunkWriting #TheLastStarfighter

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