Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ep.91 Fecal Transplant

Shit's Busted! We did the thing some people wanted us to do. The thing is our regular listeners are probably not going to like it. This week's show is roughly 1 hour. Radio Shit's Busted! Future episodes of Redditor Radio will also run roughly 1 hour. My apologies, I know many of our listeners like the long format of the show but we're doing this for 2 reasons. Reason the first: A shorter program will hopefully be packed with more energy and enthusiasm from your two hosts. Reason B: We're in the planning stages of creating new and interesting content that we plan to produce in the extra hour to hour and a half we save every week. So even though at first it may seem you're getting less content, but in the months to come you'll be enjoying Redditor Radio along with some other podcasts we've got coming down the pike. We're the show about reddit, In reddit Veritas!

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