About Us

Redditor Radio is a weekly podcast that delivers some of week's best content found on reddit: the front page of the internet. Your two very humble and inebriated host's, Ricky Alvarez & Karen Denis, scour reddit from the tallest peaks of /r/askscience to the deepest valley's of /r/FifthWorldPics. All in an effort to provide you, the listener, with the sweetest sounding blue links, and most talked about purple links that the interwebs can provide. In reddit Veritas.

Ricky Alvarez,

Producer and co-host of Redditor Radio is a master of procrastibation and hails from the land of alligators, Bath Salt Zombies, "Stand-your-ground Laws," and /r/FloridaMan. Rick fancies himself the creative type, and without any natural talents, has thus devoted himself to producing this show. Luckily for him the show is based off content that is entirely curated and commented on before hand. Some of his favorite subs are /r/Games, /r/space, /r/boardgames, & /r/LifeProTips.

Karen Denis

"What's it like to have a unique perspective on what it means to be American, you bag of shit?" -Andy Samberg to Aziz Ansari

Karen would like to think that she somewhat embodies this very specific experience. Her parents brought her here, along with her 50 sisters, from the culturally divided and ethnically ambiguous land of the Philippines. This was back in the mid 90s, when the economy was booming and the worst thing a politician can do was get a sloppy blowjob. Since then, she's lived, laughed, loved, and of course worked her way into becoming a part of perpetual American mediocrity. You'll find her browsing subs like r/TIL, r/askreddit, r/science, and the always reliable, r/cringepics.

Romeo - RIP 02.08.14

can trace back his ancestry to early Aztec scientific experiments, breeding chihuahuas with capybaras. Modern scientists refute the claim saying that such a thing is impossible. Their statements we're disregarded as boring. Romeo spends his day's licking the floor and growing older. For a brief time it was purported that his breath had the ability to peel the paint off of surfaces from the minimum distance of 15 feet. Recent tests have determined that the facts had been skewed, and it is in fact his gas that remains a threat to humanity. Romeo isn't a fan of reddit but will occasionally peruse /r/squirrels, /r/StartledCats, & /r/dogswearinghats.